Using Social Proof to Sell More T-Shirts: Persuading Customers to Buy

Selling t-shirts is still a flourishing business, though competition is immense in a time when creative ideas are everywhere. While it seems those in direct marketing never have trouble finding unique designs for t-shirts, it doesn't always guarantee a sale.

Social media is still a powerful source to not only entertain people with content, but also use other methods to persuade customers to buy. Those in the t-shirt industry haven't always examined what social media can do to generate sales.

It's time for you to look into it with a process called “social proof.” Defined as a psychological approach to marketing, it works similarly to brand advocates where customers share their t-shirt purchases in creative ways. In turn, it persuades others to buy the same thing.

Here's how you can make it work with your t-shirt business.

Allowing Customers to Post T-Shirt Selfies

While there's a lot of selfies in cyberspace, it brings a stronger impact when showcasing something compelling. Try holding selfie contests on your social media account. Persuading your recent customers to post selfies of themselves wearing your t-shirts gives them an outlet to make a statement. After all, this is why people buy t-shirts in the first place.

The more new visitors see these selfies, the more apt they'll want one of your shirts. It helps to request customers show specific places where they wear your tees to prove why the product matters.

To make this more sharable, persuade those who post selfies to share them with family or friends. You'll kick off a brand advocate sensibility this way as a sign of customer loyalty.

Don't forget to give an award (like a t-shirt discount) to the best selfie.

Posting Positive Reviews of Your T-Shirts

Another way to get your t-shirt customers involved as advocates is to offer them discounts in exchange for submitting more photos or reviews. Much like online review sites for businesses, why not have your most loyal customers write positive reviews about why they like your shirts?

Evidence shows online reviews persuade customers to convert, and it's frequently what people search for first. When customers post reviews of your tees, it can attract as many readers than if posting on a place like Yelp.

Online reviews also help your organic search results when people search for t-shirts. What's important here is when others see your customers writing reviews, they'll want to do the same. Don't be afraid to request reviews that go into more detail about why the buyers chose your shirts over a competitor.

Using Customer Photos in Your Marketing

Another good incentive for your customers to share photos is when you use them in your business's marketing materials. Tell your buyers you'll put together a montage of the best selfies or related photos. Knowing this, they'll be more apt to want to participate.

It's the same with videos if you hold video contests with your customers. Compiling all of these into your marketing gives your customers exposure to a wide audience. This also helps foster a customer community on your social media account.

Telling a Story About Your T-Shirts

To expand on the video concept, allow your customers do some free-form creativity on your account. Letting them create videos that tell a story behind your shirts adds another layer to the social proof concept.

Storytelling is now a mainstream marketing tactic bringing a more personalized and emotional context to wearing t-shirts. Let your customers tell their stories, and share them across the social media universe.

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