Social Media Marketing Hacks: How Do You Persuade People to Buy T-Shirts?

The power of social media is undeniable in swaying opinions, as well as providing information about products. If you've only made your social media account an occasional part of your marketing campaign, it's time to ramp it up this summer. Those of you going into direct marketing and selling t-shirts have a lot you can do on social media to persuade people to buy your products.

If this sounds impossible in a crowded t-shirt industry, consider all the other success stories out there in direct marketing. Look around online and you'll find a lot of independent sellers of t-shirts who manage to carve out their own creative niche.

How do you parlay this to your social media account so it resonates above your competitors?

Here's some social media marketing hacks to consider for differentiation.

Using the Most Visual Social Media Accounts

Remember, selling t-shirts online is a very visual process. In most cases, the visuals do the talking rather than lengthy textual explanations. With this in mind, take some time to use the most visual social accounts you have. If you haven't opened a Pinterest or Instagram account, consider those above Twitter or Facebook.

While all social accounts provide visual opportunities, Pinterest and Instagram focus strongly on a visual slant. They let you blow up images in large sizes, including filters, so you can bring the best out of your t-shirt pics.

At the same time, audiences that like visual aspects on social media also want some action involved in the images. Don't just post static photos of people wearing your t-shirts. Show them in visually exciting places, like concerts, playing sports, or perhaps in top tourist destinations.

Showing How You Can Solve a Problem

You may not think t-shirts can solve problems, but it can solve a lot of fashion concerns for young and old alike. One way to show your shirts can solve problems is to answer questions on your social media feed.

By allowing people to submit questions, you'll demonstrate how your t-shirts can solve their problem. Again, you can post pictures of models (or customers) wearing the shirts to give a visual idea of size and appropriate settings.

Don't hesitate to get customers involved in posting pics of them wearing your shirts to persuade others.

Providing Educational Information in an Entertaining Way

Customers want fast information about your t-shirts, so plan to post content telling them everything about your products. You'll want to present this info in an entertaining way so it's not just boring text.

Posting infographics on your social account can give some educational facts about how you make your shirts, who typically buys them, and places where they're worn.

Make all of this easily accessible from mobile devices since most people do e-commerce on mobile when they're in a hurry.

Posting Eye-Catching Features to Differentiate Yourself

Yes, differentiation is so important in the t-shirt industry since it's extremely crowded. Some things to consider placing on your social media account include a reasonable price so your competitors don't offer their shirts for cheaper. Most t-shirt experts say $20-$30 is very fair to keep yourself competitive.

Also consider t-shirts designed exclusively for women since it's a strong market. One reason behind this is unisex sizes are sometimes too big for females. By providing shirts designed and sized just for women, it's easier to carve a niche.

Most of all, keep your designs simple and showcase these prominently on your account. No one wants t-shirts that are overly busy, and this visual aspect stand outs among more elaborate shirt designers.

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