Save the Valuable Campaign Search Criteria with TeeSpy

Worried about where you are going to save all those important campaign criteria from your searches? It is easy, TeeSpy was not designed just for you to glimpse at the useful campaigns and then never be able to view them again , you can always make sure that you save any search criteria that you use on this software. It really is that easy, and here is how it is done.

When you are presented with a list of results after you click the search button, the new page will also show you a green pop up box that asks if you would like to save your search. You can name your search whatever you please, so that you remember what you named it the next time you want to view the search results.

Use it With TeeSpy Alert

If you have ever used Google Alerts then you have a pretty good idea of how this works too… well kind of. With this tool you can take your search process a step further with the Alert tab in the software. You can input the saved search and choose the time intervals during which you would like to get notifications about where the search results stand. On top of that you can also choose which form of notification you want, you can choose to be notified via email or Chrome desktop notification. This saves you from going back to the saved searches every time you remember to check the results.

This is probably the neatest way to search for any sort of data. Plus it’s super convenient, especially with the way in which users are kept up to date about valuable search result criteria relevant to their target audience.

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