Access an Enormous Database with TeeSpy’s Campaign Table

There is a bunch of different stuff that you can find on TeeSpy’s Campaign table. You have the option to search for the newest campaigns, the top selling campaigns, and the campaigns that yield the highest engagement.

If you click on the Top Selling category, you are shown exactly what the name suggests in terms of T-shirts. The best feature in this tab is the Filter that allows you to optimize your search to find exactly what you're looking for. You might simply be looking for the most recently added campaigns, for which you must click Latest Added. Or maybe you have a definite sale size in mind and you want your search results to match that, in which case you have to select what number of sales suits you.

The Columns tab allows you to customize the format of the table. Choose the columns you want to see regarding each campaign like the style of the shirts, the price range, the engagement rate, and even Facebook likes per page.

The Search tab is easy to use and understand. The interesting thing about the search options is that you can control-click more than one website in the drop down menu and it will search for all of the sites. The Search Metrics tab is something most just ignore, but you don’t have to. The interesting option that most people don’t know about is that you don’t have to input a specific number of campaign sales for TeeSpy to search; you can use the “<” (less than) and “>” (greater than) icons to search within a range.

The star next to each campaign is used to add a campaign to your Favorites. The social media icons let you search different networks for the specific shirt campaign.

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