TeeSpy’s Super Cool Trend Tracker

If you are tired of brain storming for great ideas and are confused as to which ones are surely going to be popular, there is something TeeSpy offers for some insight into that too. You might be looking for what niche is popular amongst your target market, or what kinds of shirts are trending more than others. Maybe by the end of it you might find that you have to strategize from scratch, or that you were on the right track all along. It only helps to have something.

The third tab from the left on the Tee Spy site is the Trends section. It has three different options that would give you a pretty good idea on the current trends that you can then design your t-shirts on. You can choose to view posts from Google, Twitter, and also Buzzfeed!

You can even play with the dates to check the trends for the different time periods. In Google Trends feature, you can be redirected to the Interest Tool by clicking Find Interests. The Twitter Trends section is the most flexible one in the browser app. With this you can check trends from anywhere in the world. It gets you tons of ideas that you can start investigating and combining them with your own for a strong t-shirt campaign.

Don’t be misled to think that these are updated at time intervals by the TeeSpy team. All of the campaign results that you see are updated in real time.

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