TeeSpy’s Super Cool Trend Tracker

Are you tired of brain storming for great ideas or confused as to which ones are surely going to be popular? Interested in finding out which niches are popular among your target market, or what kinds of shirts are trending more than others? Well, in that case, take a look at TeeSpy's super cool Trend tracker.

The third tab from the left on the TeeSpy site is the Trends section. It has three different options that should give you a pretty good idea of the current trends that you can then design your T-shirts on. You can see what's trending on Google, Twitter, and also Buzzfeed!

TeeSpy's Trends feature allows you to check trends from anywhere in the world. You can even play with the dates to check the trends during different time periods. Overall, Trends will give you tons of ideas that you can start analyzing and combining with your own ideas to create a strong T-shirt campaign.

Don’t be misled to think that Trends are updated at certain time intervals by the TeeSpy team. All of the campaign results that you see are updated in real time!

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