What Is the Optimum T-Shirt Price?

You’ve created an amazing t-shirt and are getting ready to get it out on the market, but you are tripping up over one final aspect…

The price.

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to decide on a t-shirt price. The confusion surrounding this is often a result of wanting to have a competitive edge over others in your field, but also wanting to make a decent profit.

In order to have both an edge and make a profit, there are certain elements you need to take into consideration. Let’s break those down…

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Six Ways To Do T-Shirt Market Research: From Pinterest To Design History

Six Ways to Do T-Shirt Market Research: From Pinterest to Design History

Trying to differentiate yourself in the t-shirt industry can be a continual challenge with so many selling through e-commerce outlets. It's not impossible to shine, though, and what you can do to greatly improve your chances is take the time to research what's really going on in the t-shirt industry.

If you're afraid to see what your competitors do out of fear it'll stifle your own creativity, keep in mind that all creative ideas borrow from others. What's important is to take those ideas and add your own personal style for uniqueness.

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How To Do Proper T-Shirt Market Research

How to Do Proper T-Shirt Market Research

One thing you no doubt know by now about T-shirt direct marketing is that it's extremely competitive. Finding an idea that stands out from the crowd isn't easy when so many others do the same thing. However, creativity has always been about borrowing from others and putting an artist's original spin on the idea.

Even the greatest artists in history did this, though it's impossible to become completely original in such a creative world. In the T-shirt industry, it's important to think with the same frame of mind.

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