Set Alerts with TeeSpy

You don’t have to be glued to the browser app to be aware of when a fresh post springs up regarding the campaign you are looking for. The Spy Alerts are a great way to keep yourself updated via a simple email or Chrome browser notification.

There are two sections for this. You can create new alerts and then you can view the alerts that you have already set. Creating an alert leads to a page offering you a couple of different ways to create campaign alerts according to your preferences. TeeSpy scours sales activity for a specified type of campaign and social media engagement for the same campaign, as well.

Only the Relevant Campaigns Count

With the Sales Activity tab, you can start off by typing in a keyword in the search field that can help filter what you are looking for. Then you can enter a specific number of sales that would qualify a campaign to alert you. From here TeeSpy is going to ask you what you find most convenient as a way of notification and at what time intervals. You also get to name the particular alert so that you know what kind of campaign results it holds when you are notified.

The Social Engagement alert is set up similarly. You might want to input a higher number of campaign quantity in this since every campaign might appear tons of times on social media.

The Saved Search tab lists all the already pre-set searches you have created. It also allows you to set how you want to be notified of the saved search, which is either via Chrome browser notification or an email notification.

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