Did You Hear About This TeeSpy Tool

The first thing that will greet you as you land on the TeeSpy page is the Dashboard. You can also click on the Dashboard tab on the far left of the site if you happen to land directly on a different page first. In the Dashboard, you will be able to view four major categories that include the Vendor Popularity, Trends, Hot Campaigns, and Recently Added Campaigns.

The best part about these features is that they do not yield general results; you can always click on the space at the top of these categories and manipulate the specifications to your liking. For example, you can tick the box Active Only and the search will filter out the said results for you.

You can also control the time period from which you want to view the campaigns for. For example, the last day, the last hour, or the last week, etc. In the Hot Campaigns section, you can change this to your liking and view products that made the highest sales from the top of the list.

In the Trends section, users can always check where T-shirt products stand on different platforms. You can check latest activity for Google, Buzzfeed, or Twitter for any of the products. These are super helpful in helping you come up with incredible T-shirt campaign ideas.

The simplest analytic here is the Vendor Popularity section, where you input a time period and a pie chart depicts the results for different kinds of T-shirts.

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