Recent Facebook Ads updates that all sellers need to know

With nearly 1 billion active Facebook users logging on every day, competition is fierce among businesses vying for a piece of the action.

It’s challenging for small businesses, especially those that are facing increased competition with corporations that have large advertising budgets. It’s of utmost importance that small business owners stay up-to-date with Facebook ad changes and updates.

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Tips To Get Started Selling T-Shirts Online

Tips to Get Started Selling T-Shirts Online

If you're seeking a simple online business model with the potential to earn high profits, t-shirts are one of your best choices. There are now many platforms that make it easy to start selling your own t-shirt designs. Even if you're not a designer yourself, there are ways to obtain designs at a reasonable cost. Let's look at why this is now such a popular business model and how you can get started in it.

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How To Do Proper T-Shirt Market Research

How to Do Proper T-Shirt Market Research

One thing you no doubt know by now about T-shirt direct marketing is that it's extremely competitive. Finding an idea that stands out from the crowd isn't easy when so many others do the same thing. However, creativity has always been about borrowing from others and putting an artist's original spin on the idea.

Even the greatest artists in history did this, though it's impossible to become completely original in such a creative world. In the T-shirt industry, it's important to think with the same frame of mind.

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How To Find The Best T-Shirt Niche: Differentiating Yourself From Competitors

How to Find the Best T-Shirt Niche: Differentiating Yourself From Competitors

Trying to find a niche for yourself in the T-shirt industry has similarities to other business categories with more competitors than you can count. For instance, those in software frequently have to battle almost identical products on the shelves. The same goes for edible products that might collide with similar ideas from big food companies.

T-shirts may seem like they fall in line with the industries above, though it's not impossible to find a standout niche. What's important is to find a design that compellingly fits your brand and a look or message resonating with your target buyers.

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Current Trends In E-Commerce Through Direct Marketing: T-Shirt Ideas In The Marketplace

Current Trends in E-Commerce Through Direct Marketing: T-Shirt Ideas in the Marketplace

It's true that e-commerce has changed the way people sell their wares online. Direct marketing gives smaller companies a chance to sell directly to customers without having to work with the big names to make profit. With this marketing process becoming more popular and successful than ever, many new product trends keep popping up.

In the world of custom apparel, you'll continually find small direct marketers creating amazing products that continue to sell well. For T-shirts, you'll find considerable innovation and creative trends helping to make the industry grow.

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Using Instagram Influencers To Expand Your Brand’s Reach

Using Instagram Influencers to Expand Your Brand’s Reach

As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to ignore Instagram. Over 300 million members currently enjoy this social networking site so it’s a good bet that creating an account for your online business will result in you connecting with a good portion of your target market. Once you master using Instagram influencers to expand your brand's reach, you’ll find it’s a highly effective way to make up for declining organic searches and a solid alternative to pay-per-click advertising.

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How To Have The Right Mindset For Selling T-Shirts Online

How to Have the Right Mindset for Selling T-Shirts Online

The internet is full of stories about people who make a killing selling merchandise such as T-shirts online. The short news articles always make the process seem so easy. Just create a couple of T-shirts that will appeal to the masses, post them online, and wait for the money to start rolling in. What the news blurbs fail to mention is the amount of work the entrepreneur they’re featuring did before they became a success. The key is knowing how to have the right mindset for selling T-shirts online.

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6 Ways TeeSpy Can Help Your Shopify Store

6 Ways TeeSpy Can Help Your Shopify Store

Competition is fierce in the retail apparel industry. If you are a highly motivated entrepreneur, you don't mind getting down and dirty in the trenches. That's good. Because if you want to gain the upper hand over your competitors, you are going to have to be willing to do something that may seem a bit underhanded… spy on them.

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Find Products For Your Shopify Store

Find Products for Your Shopify Store

What is the best way to generate traffic, get an uptick in revenue and, overall, grow your e-commerce site? When you feature the products consumers want, you can achieve all of that. But, you're not a mindreader, right? So how do you know what they want? One way to discover what is in high demand is to spy on the competition. Find out what their hottest sellers are. But who has time to browse catalogs and websites while running their own business? That's why you should use TeeSpy to find products for your Shopify store.

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